Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New lullaby for Erina-chan

somewhere over the rainbow
way up high
there's a land that i heard of
once in a lullabysomewhere over the rainbow
skies are blue
and the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true
some day i'll wish upon a star
and wake up where the clouds are far behind me
where troubles melt like lemondrops
away above the chimney tops
that's where you'll find me

-was taken from baby&watashi blogspot :-) -

Erina Nabilah (Beautiful,noble & magnanimous lady....Wowww)

Lama sangat tak update blog ni. Last week dah start keje. Cuti 2 bulan rasa sekejap sangat. Erina Nabilah selamat melihat dunia ni pada 26/09/05.

Sometimes betul la apa orang cakap. Bila baby dah lahir, papa/ mama becomes number 2. It happened to me this morning. Darling want to call me but instead of finding my number in his contact list, he looking for Erina. Hahahah...Mana nak jumpa, Erina kan baby and takde contact number lagi. *Jyoudan jyanai yo, Papa!

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my sweet erina